What We Do

The Essentials (from $499)

Recorded audio memoir interview – apx. two hours (includes pre-production consultation with client/family by phone or in person).

Individuals or couples interviewed together.

Raw, unedited audio files provided upon completion of recording on USB flash drive.

Living Memoir Programs (from $999)

The Essentials package plus:

A fully edited and produced audio profile program delivered on a printed CD with highlights included in The Archive podcast (with client consent).

Multimedia Memoirs (from $1,999)

The Essentials package plus:

A fully edited and packaged video profile program with interview audio and accompanying media delivered on a printed DVD.  Highlights included in The Archive podcast (with client consent).

Personal photos, videos and other visual images digitized and included in the program by arrangement.

Recording Options

1) In-home, onsite recording (travel charges apply outside Southern California).

2) Telephone or online Skype/FaceTime interviews.  For telephone interviews, a landline is preferred to ensure signal quality and stability.

3) Studio recording (hourly local studio rates apply and travel charges apply outside Southern California).

4) “Tape Sync” recording with a host in The Archive Channel studio and the guest recorded at home.  A common practice in Public Radio when real-time studio-to-studio links (see below) are not available, guests are interviewed over the phone with their voices recorded onsite by an audio engineer.  The host receives and records the telephone-quality sound as they conduct the interview, then later replaces the guest’s telephone quality audio with the clear, professional quality sound recorded onsite (local audio recordist’s fee applies).

5) ISDN studio-to-studio recording (local studio rates apply if available in your market).  The Archive Channel operates an ISDN studio with the ability to link to other enabled studios anywhere in real time.  Hosts and guests sound as if they are in the same room.  This is the preferred method of remotely interviewing and recording guests on NPR, BBC and other major radio networks to ensure the highest sound quality in remote recording.  Nearly all of Terry Gross’ Fresh Air guests appear on her daily program via ISDN.

6) Group recording events.  Great for family gatherings, special interest groups or organizations, The Archive Channel will arrange an all-day event in your area capturing the many stories of your community (rates negotiable).